10 Most Beautiful Studio Ghibli Movie Settings


Some of Studio Ghibli’s animation characteristics are their bright, saturated colors and layered details that make their sets look like paintings and art dollhouses. These beautiful, awe-inspiring landscapes and detailed interiors allow viewers to find something new and delicious with each new watch.

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Studio Ghibli has mastered floral chalet decor, but they don’t stop there. Team Ghibli creates worlds across land, sea and sky, full of whimsical and breathtaking color palettes. Some settings are filled with movement and esoteric detail, while others let the wash of rich hues speak for themselves. Each frame resembles a land that the audience could rise from their seat and walk straight into.

ten The garden in Chihiro Chihiro envelopes

Spirited away magical spirit world is filled with enchantment in every corner. Even the neighboring garden has a subtle magic as its flowers all bloom at the same time, regardless of the time of year. Haku leads the protagonist Chihiro through the gardens just as the film reaches a pinch point.

The pink, white and yellow garden is filled with plants of the four seasons: camellia, oleander, rhododendron and Japanese plum blossoms. As they move through the garden, the heavy flowers envelop the two heroes in a way that is both heartwarming and otherworldly, making it seem like they are moving once more. one kingdom to another.

9 Hort Town From Tales From Earthsea is lively and full of magic

Hort Town, the port of Earthsea Tales, once busy selling spells and is now populated by retired and expelled magicians. The port city is filled with bright colors, ships in its channel and moving people in the bustling market.

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Sunlight floods Hort Town, reflecting brightly off the waters, painting the sky in streaks of yellow and orange as the working day draws to a close. Huge ancient columns and arches tower like ruins over the rest of the stone architecture and the red roof tiles.

8 The soggy meadow where the robot soldier gives the children a flower in Castle In The Sky

The Laputian robot in Castle in THE sky is a gentle giant who shows his gentle and protective nature by gifting the two child protagonists with a poppy flower. The clearing where this exchange occurs is lush and green, surrounded by a canopy of trees. Arrows of sunlight float, pouring over the water in which the children and the robot stand.

The scene recalls the word petrichor – the fresh green scent that lingers after the rain. The sweet scene shows how the robot is a steward of nature who loves taking care of plants and animals in the forest.

seven Cat Kingdom is a heavenly place in the return of the cats

The Kingdom of Cats is a parallel world totally inhabited by cats and ruled by their king in The cat returns. It is an Elysian land of hills and open skies where cats live off fish and mice, huddle in cozy huts, feast at the castle and frolic in the tall grass.

The castle at its center has tiered towers like the layers of a wedding cake, accompanied by several tall spiers and a mote surrounding the royal household. The kingdom is bathed in soft yellow light, making the cat kingdom an ethereal pastel dream.

6 Howl’s cluttered bedroom is filled with trinkets and enchanted items in Howl’s moving castle

Wizard Howl Pendragon is a mess who loves his stuff so much in Howl’s Howl’s Moving Castle. When he retreats to his bedroom to hide from the world, Sophie follows him and finds him in his inner sanctum filled with humming celestial objects, glittering jewels, tangled plants, childhood toys and buzzing talismans.

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The room is dark, lit with greenish lighting that adds to the arcane atmosphere. All of these details come together to showcase Howl’s character and backstory. This scene is so evocative that fans have used Howl’s bedroom as inspiration for interior design in their own homes.

5 Princess Mononoke’s Forest Pool is a weird and beautiful place of magic

Gods and little spirits called Kodama fill the old in Princess Mononoke. Gnarled, gigantic trees cast the place in a bluish shadow, and the Spirit of the Woodland Forest watches over all inhabitants. When Ashitaka is injured, the wolf San takes him to a pool sacred to the forest spirit, placing him between the clear water and the mossy shores.

San picks a leafy plant and plants it in the moss, hoping that the Forest Spirit will heal the injured prince. Although the audience is understandably worried about Ashitaka, San’s deliberate movements and the peaceful splendor of the forest change the tone of the scene, giving it an air of healing and sacred space.

4 Mei follows a spirit through a thicket and discovers a cozy hollow in my neighbor Totoro

In My Neighbor Totoro, little girl Mei moves to a new town with her older sister and father; the girls’ father encourages them to explore the house and surrounding yard. As Mei explores the yard, she encounters two little Totoro spirits carrying a bag of acorns. They lead her into a thicket that forms a long tunnel of braided branches. The thicket descends into a hole at the base of a tree.

Mei falls through the hole and lands in a cozy hollow made of moss and leaves; there she finds the great Totoro sleeping in an alcove. Mei quickly climbs onto the creature’s rounded belly and nuzzles it. If there was an ideal scene for crawling and falling asleep, this would be it.

3 Kiki’s mother brews potions at an idyllic cottage, Kiki’s delivery service

Kiki’s Delivery Service begins in a small town where Kiki’s family lives in an ivy-covered cottage with a sprawling garden filled with foxglove, morning glory vine, larkspur, and roses. Kiki’s witch mother does her job, mixing potions in her workshop filled with hanging potted plants, dried herbs, flowers and goblets containing colored liquids.

The cabin and potion workshop provide the perfect fairytale setting for Kiki’s mother to help the townspeople with her magic. It’s easy to see why Kiki is in such a rush to strike out on her own, so she can carve out a place for herself in a new town, like her mother did.

2 Sea and land of Ponyo merge following a tsunami

Ponyo tells the story of a little goldfish who wants to be a human girl. Ponyo lives under the sea with her magician father who works in a cave sculpted to look like octopus tentacles. Translucent jellyfish and twisted eels are their neighbors in the bright green, purple and yellow lit waters.

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When Ponyo causes an enchanted tsunami, the sea invades the local town. After the storm, the fish swim in neat lines like automobiles along the streets that are now completely underwater. Quarters of houses are submerged, and laundry ironically hangs in the yards on their lines. Small motorboats float on the water above the roofs of houses like large birds in the strange new world.

1 Arrietty’s Bedroom is a Cottagecore Dream in Arrietty’s Secret

Arrietty’s SecretThe titular main character is a young borrowing girl who is small enough to travel through dollhouses and air vents. Arrietty decorates her room with items she’s taken from the natural world and tiny items she’s borrowed from human homes.

Every inch of her room is filled with something lovely, like stalks of wheat, bright red berries, drooping purple flowers, tubes of paint, and shiny buttons nailed to the wall like decorative plates. There are a few items in her room that were obviously made especially for her, like a hardwood shelf painted around the edges with vines small enough to hold her books, a wooden desk, and a cozy patchwork quilt.

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