7 sophisticated coworking spaces that prove that the office culture is changing direction




Backed by owner, promoter, operator and fund manager Tishman Speyer, Studio’s 13 locations (including 11 in the most populous cities in the United States and two in Brazil) are all equally Instagrammable. The Beverly Hills location on North Maple Drive, for example, is a bright, white, open layout with floor to ceiling windows, exposed vents and pipes, and colorful mid-century-inspired furniture. And in Rio de Janeiro, pale jute rugs cleverly divide the massive space into distinct areas, some of which feature woven swings hanging from the ceiling.

Decor aside, Studio is highly functional, with shared desks (the most flexible membership plan that offers access to shared workspaces, conference rooms, lounges, live events, and programming. de Studio), private offices (which feature height-adjustable desks, ergonomic chairs, and private Wi-Fi) and customizable, ready-to-move-in work suites. And for those who are not afraid of commitment, opt for Studio +. The Studio team will design, build and operate your newly owned or rented office space in any building, no matter where it is located.

In downtown LA, NeueHouse took over the famous 19th century Bradbury Building. Photo: Neue House


NeueHouse – with “neue” meaning new in German – has completely (and successfully) reinvented the ideal social environment for those working in design, publishing, the arts, entertainment and philanthropy. With three locations – two in Los Angeles and one in Manhattan – and three more outposts opening next year in Venice Beach, Miami and Stockholm, NeueHouse is taking control of the remote work scene, from a cultural hub to times.

In each home, which are all located in historic buildings including the 1930s Tepper Galleries in Manhattan and the Bradbury Building in downtown LA circa 1893, members can enjoy serious amenities including private studios, facilities broadcast and podcast, conference rooms, projection spaces, private phone booths and wellness areas, and next month an on-site coffee bar dubbed the Wyman Bar. Although amenities vary from home to home, the luxury on offer is unprecedented.

@Ease 1345 features a 400-plant terrarium designed by landscape architect Ed Hollander.Photo: @Ease 1345



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