Leyburn Co-op staff member who does not work in the store


A WENSLEYDALE store has a new staff member who doesn’t even work in the store but in the community.

A mother of three, Jennifer Scott has been named a pioneer of the Leyburn Co-op. She is employed to work in the community and help realize the values ​​of the cooperative: equitable access to food, mental well-being and support, as well as access to education and employment opportunities.

Since taking office, Ms. Scott has worked with community groups, schools, churches and the community center. In December, a Nativity Trail was put in place to help celebrate Christmas amid Covid-19 restrictions.

Additionally, she provided welfare resources to both Wensleydale School and Leyburn Elementary School.

Ms Scott said: “This role has been varied from the start. I look forward to going out and meeting groups in the local community as the restrictions are lifted.

“I’m also looking for ways to improve access to food bank resources in the region. As a store we are now linked to Open Party based in Hawes and continue to support Storehouse in Richmond. ”

A current project is a community virtual cooking to celebrate the Fair Trade Fortnight.

Jonathan Barker, manager of Leyburn Co-op, said: “Jennifer is a welcome addition to the team; her role is different in that as a community resource she does not actually work in the store.

To celebrate the Fair Trade Fortnight, from February 22 to March 7, Leyburn Co-op organized a virtual pastry shop with three categories – under 12, 12-18 and over 18. To win a prize, cook using one or more Fairtrade products. Judgment is based on appearance. Photos of the item, including the packaging of any Fairtrade ingredients, can be submitted to the @fairtradewensleydale Facebook page or emailed to [email protected]


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