Man injured in daytime shooting in Savannah


Police: man injured in daytime shooting in Savannah

A midday shooting injured a man in Savannah, authorities said.

Southeast Georgia and the Low Countries. This is the morning news from WJCL 22. Find us right now on the morning news from WJCL 22 at six milestones, the US adult summit has at least one dose of the vaccine covid 19. But how does Georgia compare and South Carolina? Additionally, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is investigating an officer involved in a shooting that left the suspect in critical condition, and pleadings in Derek Chauvin’s trial begin today. Michael Jackson reports to Minneapolis on how the city and the nation are preparing for the verdict. Well, thank you so much for joining us on W JC On 22, the morning news at six o’clock. I’m Ashleigh Garrett and now I join with the rest of the Most Accurate Certified Forecasts. Meteorologist Jonathan. Myers Jonathan is already a little wet outside. Does that mean more rain is on the way? No. And the sun ? Is on the way. What about that, Ashleigh? Yeah we only saw a few sprinkles there this morning are now mostly and have moved off the coast and I’m going to show it on live radar. Looking at our forecast for today’s clouds to start today. But watch all the sun that will bring you in the afternoon, probably around mid-morning, getting mostly sunny. High level sport today. Mid seventies, around near eighties. Where a lot of us will end up later today, then after work cooling down there in the mid seventies. At six, here’s a Sprinkle or two Nail moved off Hilton Head. And also Tybee. Now the only really shower activity out there. A little uneven shower around Hilton and you can see showers there. McIntosh County in the east of the city, centennial. Also the island of Sapelo. Get ready for a quick little shower there. But uh back 6 30 it will all be off the coast for a very nice day for us. You can see the back edge of the clouds has already cleared Augusta, making Albany. It will pass through this drier air completely. Work storage area that we go to throughout the rest of the morning. So our forecast for today. It’s not a bad way to start the nights of the work week and warm up today, shower again tomorrow. Then we will see cooler weather towards the end of the work week. I’ll break it down for you on the seven-day forecast in less than 10 minutes Jonathan. Thanks a lot. From now on. COVID-19 vaccines will be made available to everyone in the United States 16 years of age and older. WJCL Stephen Moody joins us live this morning to explain what this means for Steven Country. Hello. In fact, hello with this milestone. This means that we are one step closer to the end of this yearlong fight. According to the CDC, about half of American adults have received at least one COVID-19 vaccine. 25% of the population is now fully vaccinated. This includes millions of people across Georgia and South Carolina. Let’s look at the numbers in our region, Chatham County leads the way with at least 50,000 people fully vaccinated. Bullock, FM Liberty and the Long Counties all have at least 5,000 fully immunized residents. And in the low country, Beaufort County leads our region with about 15 and over receiving at least one dose. Dr Anthony Fauci explained how these vaccines work against different strains. They really have a broad spectrum. For example, the 117, the one that now dominates in the United States. Dana is very well taken care of by our vaccines. Yes. Now, to help with this next step here in Georgia’s coastal region, there are now several mass vaccination sites available for people who may want to drive across or even walk until they receive this dose. Ashley Steven, thank you very much. And as you just mentioned, every state now offers COVID vaccines to residents 16 and older. Abc is mona Kosar. Abdi is digging deeper this morning. An important step in the fight against covid. Each state has now expanded vaccine eligibility to all people 16 years of age and older, and doctors hope to extend that option to younger people. Soon Pfizer says its vaccine is now being tested on children as young as six months old, weigh the risks of getting the virus from the vaccine. It is clear that do the vaccine. The Californian couple, seven months old son, will participate in the trial this week. Her one-year-old brother was the first in her age group to start the trial. His arm hurt because today he lacked a little energy like them. Meanwhile, the CDC says more than 50% of adults have now received at least one dose. But a pause on johnson and johnson’s single-shot vaccine could hamper progress. Six women suffered from rare but serious blood clots out of the seven million people who received the injections, according to the Wall Street Journal. The FDA quote came close to a simple warning about a risk of blood clotting from johnson and the johnson vaccine. But they ultimately recommended a break, fearing doctors would treat the disease incorrectly. Dr Anthony Fauci says he expects the hiatus to be lifted this week, although some restrictions may still be needed. Even though the JNJ breaks are lifted this week, doctors fear the damage has already been done with more Americans. More and more hesitant to take a photo. Patients ask me a lot of questions this past weekend, but the break is necessary to understand better in general. This vaccine is definitely safe and the cases are solo and there really isn’t much of a connection we’re seeing. Monaco is Abdi abc news new york. Also made the headlines this morning. A suspect in a car theft in critical condition. It comes after noon. Police say he entered a shootout with them. They say it started shortly after midnight on Sunday when someone told Noonan Police that his car had just been stolen. Well, the police left after this stolen car, which led to a police chase. Police said the suspect, Mario Clark, got out of the car and ran into the woods, but MPs eventually found him. According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Clark started shooting when a deputy approached him and that deputy retaliated by hitting the suspect. Well, no law enforcement was harmed in this matter. In Texas. A manhunt search is underway for the man in Austin who shot and killed three people. Police say this man Steven Broderick, the suspect, is a former detective. They say yesterday’s shooting was an isolated domestic incident. Police say they believe the three adult victims are related to the suspect Broderick is considered armed and dangerous. It is obviously a tragedy. We have people who have lost their lives here. We will do our best to conduct the best possible investigation, and also to detain this person as quickly as possible and hopefully without further loss of life. Well, a shelter in place for the shooting area has been lifted, but authorities still urge residents of the area to remain vigilant in Wisconsin, three people have died and two more are heard after a shooting at a bar, according to the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Office. It happened early yesterday morning at Summer’s house. Authorities at the tavern say the suspect (s) are still at large. There are probably 100 agents scouring the area trying to find video footage and anything that can help us at the scene right now. Well, MPs say it appears the shooting was targeted and it was an isolated incident. At least 50 mass shootings have taken place in the United States since March 16, when eight people were killed in the Atlanta shooting in that case, a shooting in which more than four people are shot, not to mention a suspect, is a mass shooting, experts say the number of shootings happening across the country may not only impact our mental health, but also how the international community views the United States. The body naturally reacts to horror and shock to try to protect itself by becoming more and more numb. Our allies are puzzled, uh and worried that we are failing to have a national conversation about the outbreak of gun violence in our country. Last month, the Democratic-led House approved a pair of gun reform bills that called for expanding background checks, but both laws are stuck in the Senate. Several people were injured after thousands fled a Phoenix concert hall, spectators thought they heard a gunshot, but police say there has been no confirmation of an actual gunfire. fire during the show, spectators say they believe a microphone fell on the stage and created a sound similar to gunshots. Two people are behind bars charged with the murder of a teenager from Brunswick. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation and Glynn County Police arrested Michael Howard, 42, and Bria Marie Nicole, 28, registered yesterday and charged them both with murder. Investigators say the suspect shot and killed 17-year-old Javier Cordova during a barbecue on Saturday night at an apartment in the Coastal Ridge Suites. Anyone with further information on this matter is asked to contact the police.

Police: man injured in daytime shooting in Savannah

A midday shooting injured a man in Savannah, authorities said.

Video Above: Your Latest Headlines Savannah Police say man injured after shooting earlier today. Officers are on scene at Live Oak Street in Wheaton Street. Police say this happened shortly after 1 p.m. The victim is described as a black man who was treated on site by EMS. It’s a developing story. Check back for updates.

Video above: Your latest titles

Savannah Police said a man was injured after a shooting earlier today.

Officers are on scene at Live Oak Street in Wheaton Street. Police say this happened shortly after 1 p.m.

The victim is described as a black man who was treated on site by the EMS.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.


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