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FULTON – There is reason to celebrate every day, and the owners of Pau’s new general store in Fulton want to help.

“The concept is basically about celebrating life, trying to bring joy into people’s lives,” said Becky Fox, who, along with her sister Beth Blake, owns Pau’s. “If you look, there is a vacation every day. Every day there is a moment to celebrate.

Pau’s celebrated its grand opening on Friday with an opening ceremony, followed by its first day of activity. It is located at 47 S. First St., just around the corner across from the lookout.

“It’s a gift shop, but it’s also a focus on local artists,” Fox said. “We want to give them the opportunity to have their items in our store to show off their skills to support local artists in the community.”

Blake is an artist and some of her designs will be featured in the store. She specializes in sculpture, fabric arts, painting and crafts. She received her BA in Theater from SUNY Oswego.

Fox, who describes herself as “a shopaholic,” received her associate’s degree from the University of Phoenix and has several years of retail and management experience. She has a keen eye for unique gifts.

“We work well together,” Fox said. “Either way, we spend a lot of time together. Where one of us fails in certain things, the other picks it up and vice versa. Where I am strong in some areas, it is strong in others.

Both sisters are graduates of Hannibal High School and are residents of Fulton. They are the daughters of Nancy Fox, executive director of the CNY Community Arts Center in Fulton. The co-owners have their mom who works a short distance away at the Arts Center, which is located at 121 Cayuga St. in Fulton.

“She is on our advisory board and has been very helpful in that regard, also helping financially,” said Becky Fox. “She is very encouraging emotionally and with ideas as well.

Nancy Fox said part of the idea for Pau’s general store grew out of conversations about having a space to display work by local artists. The new Arts Center building simply does not have enough space for this.

“Artists would like a place to show their work,” said Nancy Fox. “I felt bad that we weren’t going to be able to have it when we had it before, but it was in two different places. We just couldn’t manage two different sites anymore.

Her daughters are committed to supporting local artists and providing them with a commercial venue to show off their work, said Nancy Fox.

Blake and Becky Fox rent space for the store from Doug Caster. Nancy Fox said it was the perfect place for her daughters to start their business.

“We were extremely grateful to Doug and Linda Caster for their support, helping them get in there and locate themselves,” said Nancy Fox. She added that her daughters “have really reached the stage in their adult life where they just need to be their own bosses and that’s what they need to contribute. And it is time for this dream to come true. I’m excited for them and believe they are more than capable of whatever it takes to make this happen.

Pau’s is a gift and art store specializing in high quality gifts, including home decorations, personalized gift boxes, natural care, and original and one-of-a-kind objects and works of art. Anyone making a purchase at Pau’s can have it packaged for free.

Another feature of the store is a “crafting room”, which will allow Blake to work on his designs directly inside the store.

The general store takes its name from the girls’ grandfather, Dudley Seale Ball, whom they affectionately referred to as “Pau”. An expert in carpentry, he had a major influence on their lives.

The stores are open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Saturday and from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Sunday. Check out the store’s Facebook page for more details and an overview of some of the items offered there. They hope that the website – – will be up and running soon.

The message from the owners is simple. Celebrate every day.

“Celebrate life. Celebrate each other. This is what we do,” said Becky Fox. “We want to celebrate the community and other people by giving gifts that they can come and pick up anytime they want. , and also celebrate local artists and the hard work they do. ”


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