Polish studio away from home presents Forever Skies, a climate fiction game


Newly founded Polish developer Far From Home recently announced its first title. The studio has been hard at work on a climatic fiction survival game called Forever Skies. Far From Home was founded in 2020 by a group of industry veterans with a desire to produce “AA+” games with high production values.

Forever Skies will be a first-person shooter coupled with a survival game. This occurs after a natural disaster has rendered the planet uninhabitable. You play as a scientist who descends to the surface from a space station in search of a cure for a dangerous disease that lurks among the ruins of the recently deserted world. Since the lower layers of the atmosphere are made up of poisonous gases, you fly between the tops of tall buildings with an airship. Forever Skies will include crafting, base building, gardening, and research. You also have to fend off the mysterious creatures hiding under the poisonous clouds.


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“It’s been a great run,” said general manager Andrzej Blumenfeld. “New studios are springing to life almost every week. They’re being launched in every configuration imaginable, from one-man armies to small teams fresh out of universities to burgeoning talent pools in large organizations – all the way to medium size venture capital backed.”

Forever Skies represents an attempt to imagine what the world would look like if climate change were to continue unabated. The game is essentially a protest. “The real inspiration for arranging the game world in a thick layer of toxic dust and the sky above was drawn from various comments by scientists about the air quality in Krakow, Poland. This beautiful historic city is known for its pollution, regularly in direct competition with places such as Beijing, Delhi or Lahore. Blumenfeld went on to say that to “access breathable air, residents must rise above 100 meters. This idea that due to gravity accumulating an increasing amount of toxic particles and gases near the ground, humanity will have to escape to towers was contributed to the design of the game’s premise.”

Airship Forever Skies

In addition to climate change, the pandemic has also impacted the game. “In Forever Skies, getting sick and recovering is an integral part of the survival loop,” Blumenfeld said. “On the one hand, it is unavoidable, resulting in symptoms affecting respiratory rate, food tolerance or causing dehydration. But on the other hand, in some cases it is necessary to extract pathogens to develop and test vaccines. We wanted to show how the interaction with microbes is an absolutely central part of how the human body works and how thin the line is between being healthy and sick. In Forever Skies, players will have open doors experimentation and the decision to use the modified viruses as weapons or perhaps self-infect to stimulate the vital functions and performance of the organism.

The game is set to launch in early access on PC sometime in 2022 with a console release shortly after. The final version of the game will feature a single player mode and a cooperative multiplayer mode. “We plan to come out of Early Access armed with a co-op mode, coded and tested with the community,” Blumenfeld explained. The sky seems to be the limit when it comes to Far From Home.

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