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Sculptor Josh Ruder describes the aesthetic elements of his sculpture “Mindscape6”. (Photo provided)

LAC SARANAC – Joshua Ruder, sculptor and new featured artist at the Abstract Art Gallery of the Adirondacks, will be exhibiting several of his pieces at the gallery until September 16.

The gallery is open Thursday afternoons from 4 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in the grounds of Historic McClellan Cure Cottage at 391 Park Ave.

Ruder is a figurative sculptor who mainly works with cut stone and welded steel. He is originally from Massachusetts, but has family ties to the Tri-Lakes.

He started working with clay in grade 9 and since then has pursued a lifelong exploration of creation in three dimensions.

“I sculpt because I think it is the most effective way for me to communicate my thoughts, feelings and observations to the world” Ruder said.

Josh Ruder’s anonymous sculpture is on display in an abstract art gallery in the Adirondacks along with paintings by Peter Bird. (Photo provided)

He explores the possibilities and limits of the combination of steel, stone, ceramics, plaster, wood and glass, often incorporating found objects into his work.

He graduated in Visual Arts from Brown University in Rhode Island, attended workshops and internships at Stonybrook Metal Arts and Sculpture School in Massachusetts to cast bronze and weld, studied ceramics and metal casting with sand molds at Liberty Arts in North Carolina, and studied sculpting marble at the Carving Studio and Sculpture Center in Vermont.

In 2017, he completed an artist residency at the Plumbing Museum in Massachusetts, welding scrap pieces, and then worked as a metal finisher at Salmon Studios in Massachusetts. He now works full time on sculptures for commissions and exhibitions, and is on the board of directors of the New England Sculptors Association.

Abstract Adirondack is a weekly pop-up art gallery housed in the home of painter and printmaker Deborah Geurtze and theater designer Michael Friedman. Paintings and prints by Geurtze, sculptures by Sarah May of Walden, abstract constructions and paintings by Tim Fortune of Saranac Lake, paintings by Peter Bird of Saranac Lake, an assemblage by William Evans of Jay and paintings and prints by George Dirolf de Loudonville are also featured. at the gallery.

(Photo provided)

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