Store your bike flat against your ceiling with the new Hide-A-Bike system



Cycling should be easy to grab and take.

How many times have you had to move multiple bikes to catch the right courier for the job? How much space do your N + 1 bikes take in your garage? corridor? bedroom? We love the smell of chain lube as much as anyone, but let’s face it, the bedroom isn’t the place for it.

Reclaim space. Put your cap to work. Put your bike away in seconds.

Hide-A-Bike is the perfect space-saving bike rack for your garage or home. You can easily store 4-6 bikes in a standard two-car garage using multiple racks. Installation is a snap and doesn’t require any special tools. We focus on building a bike rack that is easy to install, super-fast to use, secure and durable.

Folds flat
The Hide-A-Bike system stores your bike flat against your ceiling or garage joists. Other bike racks will take up valuable floor space or wall space. You know you could use this space for storage … like a car … or for working or going out. There is no reason for your bikes to take up space in the garage. Just get Hide-A-Bike!

Long lasting hooks
If you’ve used other bicycle hooks, you know they wear out faster than tissue paper. The vinyl coating on all other bike hooks just doesn’t last. We tested a wide variety of materials before choosing a durable and tough rubber compound. Our bicycle hooks will last much, much longer than any other hook on the market.

Fast and easy
We were tired of wasting time packing bikes when we could have used that precious time to ride instead. Using the Hide-A-Bike system is a snap. Lowering your bike only takes a few seconds. Use that extra time to ride more! Or clean your bike, it’s probably dirty.

The Hide-A-Bike system is designed to work with bikes weighing up to 50 lbs. and tire widths up to 2.5 “. Works with commuter bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes, downhill bikes, e-bikes and kids’ bikes.

Engineering reliability
The last thing you want is to buy and install a bike rack that wears out in a matter of months. The Hide-A-Bike system is built to last. The pulley system is designed for smooth and easy operation. Locking the bike in a stowed position is quick and secure.

Hassle-free installation
Installation of the Hide-A-Bike system is a snap. It doesn’t require any special tools and can be done in 30 minutes by most people. Please see the instructions and video on our page for detailed information.

Single package $ 45
(quantity reductions for packs of two, four and six)

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