Studio Ghibli theme park releases new official photos


Studio Ghibli made headlines a while back when news of its theme park plans broke. The beloved company has been working with Japanese officials to bring its park to life, and it looks like the job is almost done. After all, reports have confirmed that Park Ghibli will open this fall overseas, and fans got a new look at the park thanks to some official photos.

Now, these new photos feature parts of Park Ghibli that won’t be open for some time. When the area is open to the public, fans can visit Ghibli’s Great Warehouse and My Neighbor Totorois the forest of Dondoko. The Hill of Youth area will also open in fall 2022 before a later date brings Mononoke Village and Witch’s Valley to fans. And now we know what those last two areas will look like.

(Picture: Studio Ghibli)
(Picture: Studio Ghibli)

As you can see above, the first photo shows the village of Mononoke as it is in Princess Mononoke. This area will measure nearly two acres and recreate Emishi Village and Irontown from the film. The other zone will rely on Howl’s Howl’s Moving Castle for inspiration, and his concept art features the film’s moving castle.

The new report reveals that Howl’s Castle will be nearly 53ft tall and feature multiple floors. Guests will be able to step inside the facility and see how Howl lived, but that’s not all Witch’s Valley will offer. This final area will be the large grounds of the park and will feature tributes to Kiki’s Delivery Service also. A restaurant will also be included in this area of ​​the park, so fans will hope to be able to snack at the bakery when these latter areas open in 2023.

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