Take a plane tour of Morgan’s 108-year-old factory with this cool FPV drone tour


It’s not just the styling of Morgan Motor Company cars that is a throwback to an older, simpler time. The same goes for the 108-year-old factory, something we can see in a very unusual way thanks to this neat FPV (first person view) drone video.

Morgan was founded in 1909 in Malvern, England, and moved to its current site in Pickersleigh Road in 1914. The site has grown a bit over the years, but it’s not that different from what you would have seen if you had taken a ride while Adolf Hitler was polishing his tanks for a work trip to Poland.

The video follows the same route taken by up to 30,000 visitors on guided tours each year before the COVID-19 pandemic, but a little faster and from a higher vantage point. It begins at the original 1914 workshop and winds through each of the factory’s production areas, which are housed in different buildings cascading down the hillside.

We’re shown around the chassis shop, where the basic aluminum structures are first fitted with running gear, walk through the assembly area where the aluminum body panels are attached, then briefly through the sheet metal area and in the carpentry workshop.

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At around 1:15 a.m. we see a technician shaping the wood for the rear fenders using a jig believed to be around 80-90 years old, although no one at the factory seems to know for sure as there is no no one alive who remembers it was first used.

The camera pans over various Plus Four and Plus 8 Morgans, as well as the off-road-focused CX-T, while giving us a sneaky glimpse, Morgan says, of a purpose-built coach in the refinish shop. But there is no sign of the 3-Wheeler, whose workshop is prohibited.

Morgan has killed off the 3-wheeled S&S V-twin and is preparing to unveil an all-new trike later this year. The new 3-Wheeler will use a three-cylinder Ford engine and is expected to update the design to reflect a more mid-century theme incorporating styling cues from the EV3 electric 3-Wheeler project which was phased out in 2018.

This short video is worth watching for a fascinating insight into Morgan’s world, but you might be just as impressed with the ability of the trim shop women to stay still when there’s a bunch of drone blades. who turn a few centimeters from their heads.

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