The Daily Herald – NPOwer Workshop Series Receives High Quality Ratings


Participants listen attentively to the workshop “The Value of Securing Your Intellectual Property” presented by Vincentia Rosen-Sandiford, Director of the Office of Intellectual Property of Saint-Martin.

PHILIPSBURG–Some 49 local non-profit organizations (NPOs), one government department and one private organization participated in the first round of capacity-building workshops hosted by NPOwer, a Foresee Foundation 4C project.

The first round of 11 capacity building workshops was held between March and May. These workshops were funded by St. Maarten Development Fund (SMDF) and Samenwerkende Fondsen Cariben.
With a 90% attendance rate, the workshops saw 172 unique local registrations with a total of 81 people directly benefiting from the workshops and 12 people qualifying for a capacity building certificate for their respective organization.
The workshops were rated on a four-point scale where four was “excellent”, three being “good”, two being “fair” and one being “needs improvement”. The median average for all workshops was 3.5.
NPOwer concluded that there is no doubt that the participants appreciated the knowledge of the presenters. Participants also gave a rating of 3.8 for content usefulness, which the organization considers one of the most important criteria for successful workshops.
“We appreciate the tremendous time and effort the presenters put into not only delivering the workshops, but also preparing engaging content that will ultimately strengthen the technical and social cores of our NPOs to enhance their self-reliance,” said 4C Chairman of the Board, Leoneris Lloyd.
The workshops led in the first round were: Project Management, presented by Rolf Hunink and Steve Duzanson, Google Drive and Google Photos by Sergio Blomont, Gantt Charts presented by Nelly Blaise, Grant Writing by Margot Mesnard, Making Short Movies presented by Julia Grigg, Google Mail-Calendar-Docs by Blomont, Budgeting by Sjaoel Richardson and Emilio Kalmera, CANVA for Beginners presented by Laura Bijnsdorp, Writing Reports by Margot Mesnard, Facebook for Beginners presented by Brianna Barrie and Ana Wout and The Value of Securing your Intellectual Property by Director of the Saint-Martin Intellectual Property Office (BIP) Vincentia Rosen-Sandiford.
“One of the amazing side effects of these workshops is that the NPOwer motto, ‘Where St. Maarten’s NPOs Connect’ resonates as we see more and more of our NPOs begin to connect and collaborate,” Lloyd said. “We find that the networking opportunities and capacity building provided by these workshops facilitate positive connections that are worth fostering and will further enhance the services these NPOs provide to our community individually and together.”
The second series of workshops will take place later this year, from September to November. There will be an additional 30 hours of workshops covering topics such as accounting, stakeholder and community engagement, graphic design, public relations and communication, CANVA 2 and more. Interested individuals and organizations can find more information and register via and the NPOwer Facebook page: NPOwersxm.


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